3-7 Dec 2018 Berlin (Germany)

Programme > Public lecture - Charly Moerth

Charly Moerth

Austrian Academy of Sciences

ACDH – Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities, Director

Public lecture at the Staatsbibliothek, Unter den Linden 8, 10117 Berlin at 17:30 on Tuesday, December 4th.

Title: The VICAV Dictionaries: Working on a Virtual Research Environment

Abstract: The Vienna Corpus of Arabic Varieties is a project aiming at the collection of digital language resources documenting varieties of spoken Arabic. While in principle being open to any type of text, the focus in the past years has been on bibliographical data, on so-called language profiles, standardised feature lists and lexical data. VICAV has a strong methodological component working on both the development of digital data and tools. A large part of these efforts is concentrated on modelling data and providing documentation for developmental and pedagogical purposes. VICAV is strongly committed to the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI).

Bio: Proceeding from a background in Near Eastern studies (with a focus on modern languages and applied linguistics), Karlheinz Mörth has been working at the interface between modern ICT and humanities studies throughout his academic life. He has conducted research in a wide range of text technological fields taking a special interest in eLexicography, text lexicography, methodologies for the build-up and maintenance of digital corpora, annotation research, and corpus-related encoding standards.




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